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In 2017, under the Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Czech-Oman Committee was established. It was focused on becoming a pre-eminent platform which uniquely connects economic and public diplomacy with the aim to deepen bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Sultanate of Oman.

Then in 2018, Czech-Oman Committee founders felt the need to establish a unique business platform. The Czech-Oman Business Council is therefore founded as an official program focusing on building business opportunities between both countries. The Czech-Oman Business Council is established under the law of the Czech Justice System and its members are a mix of Czech and Omani business entrepreneurs as well as senior managers from leading public and private corporations. We thrive for diversity and to broaden our reach, this way we can satisfy all business enquires.


To promote a true partnership between Czech and Oman based on respect, mutual understanding, trust and common interests. 


To increase economic growth between Czech and Oman.


To present investment opportunities in Oman and to highlight it's great potential for Czech investors.



To become a pre-eminent platform which uniquely connects economic and public diplomacy with the aim to deepen bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Sultanate of Oman.


Czech Oman Business & Art Council brings together cultures, businessmen, government decision-makers and experts from both countries to facilitate and maximize business flow and to create new investment opportunities.














We are experienced entrepreneurs based in the Czech Republic as well as the Sultanate of Oman. We are able to identify potential business opportunities across markets and in multiple sectors. Our main advantage is a local presence in both countries allowing our collaboration to be dynamic with a fast turnaround. Our main goal is to share our know-how and contacts between our members to enhance business between the two countries. 


Pavel Ohnoutka

Pavel is a Czech entrepreneur residing in the the Middle East for the last eleven years, and is heavily invested in bilateral business between the Middle Eastern countries and the Czech Republic. Before entering the business sphere, he was leading various IT projects for global enterprises and launched his own successful IT company in 2015 based in Muscat and Dubai. In 2017, he became a business partner to an Omani investment group, based in Muscat.

David Kucera

David has been working in marketing and customer care, later he was managing acquisition of the largest domestic developer group. Since 2009, he is the owner of Blue Ocean, company specializing in strategic communications and foreign trade. He is a one of the founding member of the Czech-Oman Business Council. 
Currently, he specializes in the oil & gas industry and transition to "smart future" in the field of measurement. 

foto_PH_web (3).JPG
Petr Hlavaty

Petr founded a consulting company ISO Consulting as well as worked as Director of Comms for HOCHTIEF CZ and as Head of Comms for The State Agricultural Intervention Fund. Petr has led influential campaigns for the Czech Republic as well as international clients and also has cooperated on formulation of many successful business and marketing strategies for number of products and companies (B2B & B2C).

Antonin Blazek

Antonin held various business positions till his progress in diplomatic service 1992–2009 with Missions in Latin and South America, Qatar and Kuwait as well as Africa.
Currently he is an International Project Advisor at various business groups in the Czech Republic and Kuwait as well as a Lecturer at Metropolitan University in Prague.
He has accepted a honorary membership of the Czech-Oman Business Council.

About Us Board Members


"As a founder of the Czech-Oman Business Council, I believe that such a platform is indeed very needed and it can bring many benefits to both countries. Having 15+ years in business across the Middle East, I always tend to turn back to the Czech Republic when looking for great talent and capabilities." Pavel Ohnoutka, Managing Director, COBC

"The Omani economy is rapidly growing and we feel the urge to reach beyond our borders for proven know-how and experienced talents. My investment in the COBC brought me many advantages over my competitors and also increased the speed of my business development." Wadhah Almawali, COBC Honorary Member


If you are a business entrepreneur and looking into expanding into emerging markets such as the Sultanate of Oman, become a member of our Czech-Oman Business Council and we will gladly support you:

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