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Czech-Oman Business Council to launch series of testings on enhancing the Omani agriculture

January 22, 2018

Czech-Oman Business Council together with the famous Czech chemical and technological engineers launched a series of testings of the Czech origin plant stimulants. Testing took place at Barka Farm near Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


The goal of this testing is to study possible saving of water used for plants watering. During the first stage, tests were carried out in relatively pleasing conditions in January 2018 on zucchini and okra plants, using 3 basic products affecting both rooting systems and also upper/overhead parts of the plants. Currently, 4 test field were set up for testing and results are due with next harvest during May 2018. Right after the harvest, more tests are scheduled, focusing on simulating plant growth during hot summer in Oman and the lack of water, aiming to simulate shocks of hot temperature and lack of water during planting, compared with plants treated by standard watering. This should provide the information, how the plant stimulants could cope with unfavorable planting conditions and therefore at the final stage help to save precious water in hot climate agricultural activities.


At this moment two application of plant stimulants are done and two more are due during March and April 2018.

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