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COBC partners with Czech Business Council in Dubai to secure business opportunities across GCC

November  11, 2018

The Managing Director of the Czech-Oman Business Council, Pavel Ohnoutka and the Czech Business Council’s President, Pavel Foubik, signed a memorandum of understanding to develop cooperation and share business experience across the GCC countries in order to support business and networking opportunities for Czech companies looking into growing business in the region.

“I am very happy we could join forces with the Czech Business Council in Dubai as I feel we can offer more know-how and business opportunities to any company looking into expanding into the Middle Eastern market. The GCC markets are going through a severe change lately and many companies we speak to are looking for quality solutions and services that companies in the Czech Republic can offer. Our Council’s position is to seek these business opportunities and create new long-term international partnerships and ensuring both sides are satisfied”, comments Pavel Ohnoutka, Managing Director of the COBC.

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