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Sultanate of Oman and the Czech Republic sign air transport agreement

March 24, 2019

The Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) have signed an air transport agreement between the Sultanate and the Czech Republic.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser al- Za’abi, CEO of PACA and Juraj Koudelka, Czech non-resident Ambassador to the Sultanate.

The agreement allows national carriers of the Sultanate (Oman Air and SalamAir) to extend their operational networks to the Czech Republic, attract Czech airlines to operate direct flights to the Sultanate, or exchange codeshares with other carriers. ​

Czech success in Duqm Freezone

November 30, 2018

Stratox Enterprises, a Czech IT consultancy based in Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman is the first Czech company to enter the Duqm Freezone. Lately, the Duqm Freezone has been the most discussed area especially for foreign investors in Oman thanks to its business opportunities, massive growth and plans for the area. Many long-term partnerships are being currently established to support all companies across Duqm Freezone to reach their targets.


Stratox is working with its client the Oman Drydock Company to digitize and optimize all business process across the entire company. The project is scheduled to run until the end of 2019. For more information, visit

COBC partners with Czech Business Council in Dubai to secure business opportunities across GCC

November 10, 2018

The Managing Director of the Czech-Oman Business Council, Pavel Ohnoutka and the Czech Business Council’s President, Pavel Foubik, signed a memorandum of understanding to develop cooperation and share business experience across the GCC countries in order to support business and networking opportunities for Czech companies looking into growing business in the region.


“I am very happy we could join forces with the Czech Business Council in Dubai as I feel we can offer more know-how and business opportunities to any company looking into expanding into the Middle Eastern market. The GCC markets are going through a severe change lately and many companies we speak to are looking for quality solutions and services that companies in the Czech Republic can offer. Our Council’s position is to seek these business opportunities and create new long-term international partnerships and ensuring both sides are satisfied”, comments Pavel Ohnoutka, Managing Director of the COBC.

The first Czech-Oman Energy Workshop in Muscat

October 16, 2018

Czech-Oman Business Council in cooperation with Awtad Energy hosted the first Czech-Oman Energy Workshop, 16th October in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The main topics of the workshop were liberalization of the Czech energy market, managing power losses in the distribution network, an insight into Smart meters solutions and Business Intelligence reporting in the energy sector. 



"I am very proud of such an achievement for our council and I feel we're heading right direction when it comes to creating an engaging and successful business networking platform. We have welcomed around 50 guests across governmental and semi-governmental entities at the workshop, says Pavel Ohnoutka, Managing Director of the Czech-Oman Business Council and he ads: "We were also very pleased to invite Mr. Jiri Slavik, the Czech Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Yemen as the guest of honour at the event and we would like to congratulate him to opening the first Czech Republic Consulate in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman."

Czech specialists presenting in the first Czech-Oman Energy Workshop

October 07, 2018

Czech-Oman Business Council in cooperation with Awtad Energy is hosting the first Czech-Oman Energy Workshop on 16th October in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The main topics of the workshop will be liberalization of the Czech energy market, managing power losses in the distribution network, an insight into Smart meters solutions and Business Intelligence reporting in the energy sector. 

The most interesting sessions will be: 

  • Experience of the Czech in Liberalization of Energy Sector and Competition by  Jiri Gavor - Founder and Owner of ENA - one of the first private energy consulting companies in the Czech Republic and Member of Governmental Committee on Sustainable Energy Development.

  • Power loss Solutions in Electricity and Distribution Networks by Miroslav Vrba - Chairman of the Czech Energy Committee.

  • Smart Meter Solutions presentation by Ales Mikula, ZPA Smart Energy.​

COBC welcomes Antonin Blazek as an Honorary Member

September 08, 2018

The Czech-Oman Business Council is proud to announce that Mr. Antonin Blazek has accepted the position of an Honorary Member and Advisor to the COBC Board. Antonin held different business positions till his progress in diplomatic service 1992–2009 with Missions in Latin and South America, Qatar and Kuwait as well as Africa.


Currently, he is an International Project Advisor at various business groups in the Czech Republic and Kuwait as well as a Lecturer at Metropolitan University in Prague.


"We are very thrilled that Mr. Blazek decided to become part of our establishment as we highly value his skills and experience gained during his diplomatic missions." says Pavel Ohnoutka, Vice President of the Czech-Oman Business Council and he adds "Our aim is to provide the best quality of services to all of our clients across many sectors and Mr. Blazek will become a highly reputable voice within our council."

We're in Al Duqm! Where opportunities are endless...

July 10, 2018

We've driven from Muscat to participate at the Business Opportunities Forum in Al Duqm. Whoever follows, they probably know it is THE place to be, currently offering endless business opportunities as the area is currently massively growing and developing. 

The  Oman Drydock Company has invited and is seeking SMEs as well as local vendors to discuss the following:

  • To display available business opportunities in the area, to ensure the real and direct benefit for SMEs and local companies.

  • Creating a platform for companies to benefit from the business opportunities displayed and help them expand their businesses.

  • Introduce the mechanisms and process for tenders in the Duqm area.

  • Identify the current and future market needs as well as future investment opportunities.

  • Identify joint investment opportunities between Oman Drydock Company and private sector companies in order to open new business streams.

In case you are interested in discussing any business opportunities, reach out to us.

How we hosted Czech National Television in Oman

May 22, 2018

Early during spring 2018, Czech-Oman Business Council was contacted by the Czech National Television (Frmol Group) who were planning to travel to the Sultanate of Oman in order to film two episode of the famous traveling series “On the Road”. 

Supporting the creation of the Oman travel documentary

April 17, 2018

During this special evening, we have invited all our business  partners and friends  of the Czech-Oman Business Council to enjoy a private screening of the newly filmed travel documentary on the Sultanate of Oman "Na ceste" filmed by the Czech Television. 

The official document will have two episodes, airing on the Czech National TV within April and May 2018 , both are introducing Oman as the rising tourist destination in the Middle East. 

Focusing on nature and wildlife, the documentary also presents daily routines and traditions of Omanis. As a thank you, we have invited some of the main stars of the documentary to join us this special evening in Prague. 

Shukran for coming!

To view the episode online, follow this LINK (you need to be in the Czech Republic)

Czech-Oman Business Council is part of the bilateral Oman State Council visit

April 16, 2018

Czech-Oman Business Council members supported the Omani State Council delegation, led by Chairman Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Mantheri to the biggest industrial park, company called Agrostroj, and to the famous spa city in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary. During the visit all parties expressed contribution to the consolidation of good relations between the Czech Republic and Sultanate of Oman and willingness to expand the fields of cooperation between them.

Czech-Oman Business Council to launch series of testings on enhancing the Omani agriculture

January 21, 2018

Czech-Oman Business Council together with the famous Czech chemical and technological engineers launched a series of testings of the Czech origin plant stimulants. Testing took place at Barka Farm near Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


Goal of this testing is to study possible saving of water used for plants watering. During the first stage, tests were carried out in relatively pleasing conditions in January 2018 on zucchini and okra plants, using 3 basic products affecting both rooting systems and also upper/overhead parts of the plants. Currently 4 test field were set up for testing and results are due with next harvest during May 2018. Right after the harvest, more tests are scheduled, focusing on simulating plant growth during hot summer in Oman and the lack of water, aiming to simulate shocks of hot temperature and lack of water during planting, compared with plants treated by standard watering. This should provide the information, how the plant stimulants could cope with unfavorable planting conditions and therefore at the final stage help to save precious water in hot climate agricultural activities.


At this moment two application of plant stimulants are done and two more are due during March and April 2018.

Week of Culture and Business of the Sultanate of Oman in the Czech Republic - CZECH-OMAN WEEK - The Art of Business

October 14, 2017

Omani delegation, which presented its country as a reaction to an invitation of the Czech-Oman Committee of the Foreign Section of the Czech Chamber of Commerce from 9th to 15th of October, came to the Czech Republic.

The Sultanate of Oman was represented by a delegation led by Mohammed Hashim Alawi Al-Shahab, representative of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The goal was to introduce Oman, which became a new Middle East region strategic partner of the Czech Republic, and to build deeper friendly relations of both countries. Exposition of the calligrapher Saleh Al Shukairi, seminar about business opportunities, and introduction of Omani cuisine with exotic products from the farm of Sheik Ziyad Talib Al Maawali from Barka at the Farmers’ Markets on Kulaťák were part of the Week of Culture and Business of the Sultanate of Oman in the Czech Republic under the name The Art of Business from 9th to 15th of October. Many conferences with the Minister of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Senate of the Czech Republic, Czech Chamber of Commerce, National Museum in Prague, Municipal district of Prague 6, and many more representatives of the Czech Republic, about more future cooperation in different fields took place during the week. The delegation also met with the ambassadors of the countries that are part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in the Czech Republic. The event was organised by the Czech-Oman Committee of the Foreign Section of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Czech-Oman Business & Art Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riyadh, and the Art of Cultural Diversities.

The Sultanate of Oman, same as the Czech Republic, has unrivaled advantageous position when it comes to its location within the region, which contributes to its business opportunities. Oman is strategically located between Europe and Asia, and is also the gateway to the Middle East with great history and cultural heritage. At the moment, it is also  the only country that can freely trade with Qatar and Iran. Oman is very well aware of this convenient situation and has been focusing on enhancement of the infrastructure, building new harbours and airport, and diversification of economy for the past five years. Oman is also opening several new shopping zones to simplify business within the country but also the region in general. The Czech Republic is historically speaking the centre of strong industrial economy and agriculture in the Central Europe and is also the heart of culture and science, which has a long-established tradition in this country. New nanotechnological factories, start-up companies, art projects, scientific conferences, and programmes for the whole world are being created in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic, like the Sultanate of Oman, is open to international cooperation, which can enrich both countries. 

Tuscany Palace in Prague - Grand opening of the Czech-Oman Week

October 08, 2017

The Grand opening of the Czech-Oman Week took place at the Tuscany Palace on Hradčanské náměstí in Prague in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic building on 9th of October. The opening was combined with the vernissage of exposition of the important experimental Omani calligrapher Saleh Al Shukairi, member of the Omani Society for Fine Arts – Diwan of Royal Court with the participation of Omani delegation. The gala evening was inaugurated by Deputy Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Ivan Jančárek and Business Councilman from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riyadh Petr Hošťálek.


The Omani delegation was greeted in Prague by H.E. Souriya Otmani, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, and more ambassadors and representatives of the countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation  - United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. 


Arabic version of the social platform Poetizer for poets from all over the world was introduced during the programme. During the evening, the music played by the members of the Czech orchestra Prague Philharmonia, who played several times in the Opera House in Muscat, and also music of DJ IM Cyber, who played as the first DJ woman in Oman, could be heard. 


Calligrapher Saleh Al Shukairi introduced Czech-Omani art - Arabic calligraphic version of the word Czech. The word Czech and the Czech lion, which is featured on the coat of arms of the Czech Republic, are the foundations of the new logo of the Czech exposition for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. “The Czech Republic is  not very well-known in the Middle East and people there have problems with pronunciation of its name. I created a calligraphic version of the word Czech in Arabic because I believe that its Arabic version will help to our “mutual connection of minds”, which is the central theme of the whole  EXPO in Dubai.” says Saleh Al Shukairi.


Press conference took place by Lennon Wall before the grand opening. Omani calligrapher Saleh Al Shukairi created an artwork - "MeetArt". The Lennon Wall itself is a first mutual artwork of many artists from all over the world and is a meeting place and a symbol of peace.

Other highlights of the Czech-Oman Week

October 08, 2017

The Senate of the Czech Republic 

The delegation from the Sultanate of Oman has visited the Senate of the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Jiří Šesták, Senator of Budějovicko and Třeboňsko. Members of the delegation were greeted by Jan Horník, Senator of the Karlovy Vary region (where the most famous spa is located), member of the Committee on Public Administration, Regional Development and the Environment and member of the Sub-Committee on Sport of the Committee on Education, Science, and Culture, together with Jiří Růžička, Senator of Prague 6 and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science, and Culture, and Jiří Vosecký, Senator of Českolipsko (region of glass manufacture), Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Policy. Establishing the international projects with individual committees and the possibility of affiliation and cooperation of the Senate Committees with similar committees at the Omani equivalent of Senate - Shura was initiated during the conferences. 

Platform for basic projects was created - healthcare and spa, education, culture and science. 


Export House - International Engineering Fair Brno 2017

The delegation attended the most important Czech Enginering Fair during its stay and met up with the Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs M. Tlapa, Deputy Minister of Defence T. Kuchta, and the Vice-President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce B. Minář. Deputy Minister T. Kuchta also initiated business seminar, where Pavel Ohnoutka presented business opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman, which took place at the Export House to the invitation of the Czech Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Czech-Oman Business Comittee delivered official invitation to the Omani Chamber of Commerce

September 10, 2017

Czech-Oman Committee officially met and invited the Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Saeed Saleh Saeed Al Kiyumi for an official visit to the Czech Republic for the International Engineering Fair in Brno. Mr. Chairman and official Oman delegation will be hosted by the Czech government support the Czech-Oman cooperation. 

Guest will have a 3-day program visiting the Czech cultural heritage such as Prague Castle as well as discussing business opportunities for Czech companies in Oman and vice versa. Planned are also tour of some of the biggest Czech factories. 

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