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How we hosted Czech National Television in Oman

May 23, 2018

Early during spring 2018, Czech-Oman Business Council was contacted by the Czech National Television (Frmol Group) who were planning to travel to the Sultanate of Oman in order to film two episode of the famous traveling series “On the Road”. 

Pavel Ohnoutka, Managing Director of the Czech-Oman Business Council and adventurer (in his free time) was the one who could not let the opportunity go and wanted to present the real beauty of Oman to all of the audience: “I accepted this challenge especially because I felt the urge to give back to Oman for hosting me so well for the past ten years. The goal for me was to show the best of Oman and encourage Czech tourists to visit some beautiful sceneries and meet local people because they are all very welcoming and kind. 

It took us quite some time to come up with agenda and locate places for shooting. You see, there’s so much to show, and narrowing it down was probably the biggest challenge for me. That’s why we focused on the coast and mountains separately. After seeing both episodes on TV recently, I think we nailed it. I and my team ended up supporting the filming crew for the entire twenty-one days, asked our friends and their families to become movie stars for a bit (not that they didn’t enjoy it), rented cars and secured a translator.

Both episodes are in my opinion showing best of this magnificent country but wait, there’s so much more that is hidden beneath the surface and no document no matter how long can show it. So even if you’re into history and meeting new cultures, you can enjoy a holiday of your dreams here. Just imagine, driving around and seeing all lost cities, fortresses and listening to old tales while sipping on Arabic coffee and eating dates. But something you wouldn’t expect is, that Oman is a great spot for all adrenalin junkies (me) as well. So pack your kite, surfboard, bike, diving or climbing gear and a tent of course, and get over here. You’ll be rewarded by sunny weather, clear blue waters, untouched nature and warm nights and bright stars while camping on the beach and cooking your catch-of-the-day which you bought from a local fisherman. “ 
Click here to watch the first episode and here to watch the second one. 


See you soon in Oman,




Photos by Pavel (Instagram @pavelbafeel)


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